• Apples

    The Newest sensation in the apple world is the Magnus Summer Surprise Apple

    with its Pink/red flesh and also a sweet eating apple

    beautiful deep pink flowers and red flesh makes it an attractive tree and useful fruit our trees in this first release 2019 are selling very fast.

    past ones such as RED LOVE are really crab apples still so we have been looking forward to this one

    Thanks Bob Magnus,  a well respected “Olde Apple Man” from Tassie for creating it

    Just before you ask there is NO scion available for this one as its owned for another 25 years

    Winter bare root season starts June long weekend till Sept with 100’s of grafted trees or we can fresh graft to your special needs.  Some sell out fast so order via email before winter.

    Apples – some of the 400+ we have


    Akane: This is one of our earliest ripe apples with crisp white flesh & a nice red colour , Jonathan x Worcester , introduced in 1970    F14: T2, Dessert

    Belle De Boskoop: Sweet with some acid, the aromatic flesh remains crisp and firm when cooked making it ideal for pies and tarts. Great cooking apples that is even better when over ripe as it tastes like its been spiced.  F8 Triploid: T3, Dual purpose dessert, cooker, drying & Cider.

    Blenheim Orange: Great with cheese, one of the best multi purpose apples in the world, our favorite of all the apples here.  F12 Triploid: T3, Mid-Late-  terrific for all uses.   2 sizes available

    Bramley’s Seedling: UK ‘s No1 cooking apple, it even has cook books written about it, One of the world’s great apples and commercially the most popular cooking apple grown in the UK. Received a First Class Certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1893 which has certainly stood the test of time. It is particularly high in vitamin C and acid , keeps well and, being a triploid, is very vigorous.  F11 Triploid: T3, Late—Pies, cooking.   2 tree sizes available

    Cox’s Orange Pippin: UK’s No.1 eating apples, when ripe the pips rattle, good balance of sweet and sub acid.  F11, T2, Mid–Dessert , also regarded in Europe as a very good cooker.

    Egremont Russet: Full russet, very distinctive crisp fresh nutty flavour, most popular russet in UK & EU.  F7: T2, Mid– dessert.

    Gravenstein: Considered by many to be one of the best all round apples in the world. A sweet, slightly tart flavour makes it suitable for cooking, cider and eating. Leave to fully ripen on the tree for the best flavour. F3 Triploid, T3, Early —Desert , great for growing in cool areas for one of the first apples ready to eat in Jan.