• Summer Vs Winter pruning & Espaliers

    2016 new dates for this “Core”  fruit tree class are

    Sun Aug 215th in 2019  from 10am-4pm, cost is $95 or can be part of the  5 or 10 day fruit management certificates with 13 classes to choose form now

    Suitable for anyone from just one tree or a small orchard, I have found some people don’t get fruit trees as they are afraid they wont prune them properly, really it is easy with just a few simple rules  and they are very forgiving.

    In  this class we will look at why all the commercial orchards now prune mostly in summer and how this is even more relevant for the small scale home grower.

    we will discuss why some pruning may still be done in winter, and look at how to rejuvenate an old tree that has been left for years.

    Espaliers are very popular due to the convenience of fitting more into smaller backyards, even courtyards and balconies, we will look at how to prune these pieces of art that can also produce fruit as well.

    we will also look at different examples of netting trees when we walk through our collection of over 1000 varieties (and in summer we can taste some ripe early fruits.)