• Smoking food at home.

    Next class 2014 term 3 or 4

    runs 10am-4pmĀ  this class was a heap of fun in 2013 we cooked smoked trout with native limes, smoked pork roast and tasted 10 different sausages I have smoked in there.

    we also for the vegitarians had Black tea smoked tomatoes and large flat mushies with Blue cheese.

    Learn how to smoke foods using both the Hot and Cold smoking methods.

    We will cook the days morning tea & lunch in our small home size smoker ( mine was under $200 at ALDI) plus look at the bigger one ( enough to fit 4 people/ pigs) or you could make one yourself at home.

    Wether meat or vegitarian you can cook meals in a smaoker as well as preserve foods.

    Look at how to make your own woodchip blends for different flavours and to cook veggies not just meat products.

    Share recipes and ideas over a wine/cider.

    We will also look at drying foods and cooking in a solar oven and a woodfired bread/pizza oven.