• Preserve the harvest

    Making Jam, Chutney & Wine in a day

    no scheduled class, let me know if interested in this one running soon

    In this class we will make 3 products from a fruit bounty that can be stored away for later use when not much is about in the home orchard.

    The fruit we use may vary but for one example we will take cheap mango’s and turn them into a

    • Mango Brinjal Pickle/ chutney, for use on Asian dishes & cold meats.
    • Sweet mango jam (also works very well as a sauce).
    • Mango wine ( this is a sweet desert wine).

    All these will be made from the same batch of fruit and wasting absolutely nothing. other fruits that this will suit are plum, apple, nashi, pear, apricots, cherries, pineapples just to name a few, some are also very easy to pickle such as the cherries and ready in 3-4 weeks to eat.

    These old skills are becoming popular again but Mum & both my grandmothers regarded them as just part of their autumn chores as they harvested fruit & veggies from our gardens, they both handed me on their Jam pans as they got into their  80’s  passing on the batton in maximising the availability of the  good healthy food we grew as part of life at home but also how to capatilize when markets had a glut of very cheap fruit.