• Fruit tree classes for 2018 Base & advanced, these can form the advanced PDC

    The usual 3 core classes in making new trees , pruning and espaliers plus many new fruit tree class subjects in 2018 will be covered over 10 separate days. classes run 10-4pm,  through these classes you will learn how to select and care for the right trees for your place , how to graft, what rootstocks and how to prune and care for your trees naturally, espaliers are space saving and  easier to do than you think so we will show you how to select and train the right trees to shape.

    we will also walk thru the collection onsite of over 1000 vars in our full netted enclosures and discuss why we can grow over 1000 varieties with absolutely No chemical use or sprays.

    cost is $95  per class or see cheaper deals down further,    email to book your place

    In 2018 Telopea Mtn we will run 14 days with the fruit trees,

    with 10 different days to choose from. – www.petethepermie.com 0418 665 880 Peter

    We will run the 3 Core classes twice yearly being “winter vs summer pruning”, all about espaliers & the general “Heritage fruit tree day” which covers rootstocks, grafting techniques and many basic management  decisions & practices this last one also gets a copy of my first booklet included for free.

    you will need to have done 2 out of these 3 classes to progress to the other ones which take the learning much further

    Core subject – Classes These 3 could be considered the core subjects but others can also be done on their own too. Month



    1 Heritage Fruit tree class, the basics

    core- base  class

    This class covers the BASICS all about the Species, variety selection, grafting, rootstock selection for your conditions. Grafting techniques for new trees or add more to your existing ones. Then tour of 1000+ varieties here onsite. FREE BOOK April & July Sat April 7 Sat June 16

    Winter vs Summer pruning

    core- base  class

    Tips & tricks to reduce workload, reduce disease entry and create fruit or rejuvenate old trees. Focus on the advantages of pruning at the correct time to control disease, fruit & tree size, We also look at how to get the right tree first so reducing the workload for the next 50 years of fruiting. Jan & Aug Sun 21 Jan Sun 19 Aug


    core- base  class

    Selecting the right trees, what espalier shapes to use for which species, creating and maintaining them. Prune for fruit or for new growth this depends on when you do it, reduce workload by 90%  Feb   Sun Feb 25

    Sun Nov 18

    Elective units these need to follow after doing 2 of the 3 above first
    Fruit tree preparation & layout
    Design from a back yard, to an orchard, to a food forest decide what tree goes where and why.

    Design how you would best fill your own netted enclosure in the backyard or farm.

    June Monday June 11
    5 Crop protection with nets

    This New popular class ran twice in 2016

    How to design and build your own netted enclosure, these are fox, bat, possum, rabbit & bird proof, even in NSW we have designed one to be Goanna proof.  see why they are also great for self managed systems reducing the workload enormously Sun Oct 7
    6 Bio-dynamic compost making & soils for trees Fruit trees need a certain compost, this will supply all nutrients plus aid pest & disease reduction, we will learn about & MAKE a BD compost heap for fruit or for the veggie patch & Talk BD Mar Sun Mar 18
    7 Prepare for the bare root fruit tree season in June Prepare soils design and implement swales, this class is about how to get your trees off to a great start and reduce needs for watering May Sun 20th May
    8 Critical care of fruiting trees Why is this month the most critical for watering, what to do to prepare for good fruit & bud set this season and the next, the importance of swales.

    Natural Pest management for fruit trees

    Sat 15 Sept
    9 Cider varieties and other fruit What varieties & rootstocks to use and how to maintain these, how to layout the Cidery for an effective operation Dec Sun June 3 Sun Dec 2 this last one may change
    10 Growing, Subtropicals  + Citrus and berries in cool climates How come we can grow 13 avocado, 8 macas, 8 sapotes, guavas, banana & many more in Olinda without a glass house, how to grow Berries & Vines, it’s all about placement and the essentials for Citrus growing. Jun Sun July 22


    Fruit tasting & fruit tree talks & events These will run at markets and other events but can also be run for groups as requested. Day or nights.
    Optional Additional separate classes Related skills classes linked to fruit tree growing
     Open day tour & Grafting demo 12-4pm  New dates for our farm tours of permaculture, including animals, food forest & fruit tree systems  Sun July 30th
    Annual Open day tours Celebrate International Permaculture day tours 10am & 2pm with fruit tasting in between May Sun 7 May
     Open day tour Celebrating International Apple day with blossom tour tours at 2pm 21Oct No  day 2017

    On in 2018

    # Classes from Jan to May will include tastings of fruit ripe at that time from our collection of over 1000 varieties.

    An individual can do any 4 fruit tree classes (no. 1-10) and get a # 5th one free (# in the one year, if prepaid for 4 classes) $380

    Organic fruit tree management, complete  *10 days to get advanced PC fruit tree management certificate (*can be done over a 2 year period) $750 includes 2 pass for the open day tours as well.

    My new fruit tree book and the cider book should both be available this year.


    Registration form for direct enrollment

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    Enclosed is full payment of $95ea class or sets of 5 at the price of 4 (these must be prepaid), insert dates you wish to attend……………….

    Full payment by 5 days prior to first class, you confirm your place once payment is received.                     

     Please send your cheque Payable to P. Allen

    PO Box 451 Monbulk 3793

    or direct debit to

    Telopea Mtn Permaculture  

    ANZ- BSB 013736    Acc No. 180991664