• Camembert or Feta & more to make easy at home

    Next class date is in TERM 4 in 2018   Saturday 8th Dec

    In this classwe  will now make both feta and Camembert in the same class, you get to choose one of these to take home but get notes and experience making both, you also make the other products as well.
    Making Camembert, Greek style yogurt, Cream Cheese & Ricotta is easy once you know how, our classes don’t require you to buy expensive equipment as most of what you need you probably already have at home.

    Cheeses to be made on this day are:-

    Camembert, a choice of Yogurts & Cream cheese

    You will take home your own 3 products with you.

    We will also make Ricotta to eat on the day and discuss others such as Brie, Gourmet Fetta, Quark.

    Where: Telopea Mtn Permaculture Farm, MONBULK.

    Time : 9.00am- 4pm

    This will be a full day course and cheese can be made using Cow, Goat or Sheep’s milk—(if you wish to bring your own) , this will need to be pasteurized on the day. Other wise all materials are supplied.

    Please bring lunch to share.

    Students new bring this NEW list of containers to bring on the day to take home your cheese products

    Details of the workshop are as follows:

    Participants will be working in groups and will make their own  

    Camembert, Greek style yogurt, Cream Cheese & Ricotta

    Class notes will be provided.

    Materials that are supplied for making these products:

    Un-homogenised Milk, UHT Milk, UHT Cream is now deleted, starter cultures.

    Materials which participants are required to bring:

    Item 1. 1 x 2 litre ice-cream container or similar sized container with a lid.  This will be used to take your Camembert cheese home in at the end of the day

    Item 2. 1 x clean 1 litre container, preferably with a wide neck and sealable lid. A glass jar or a plastic Tupperware container will do.  Your Gourmet fetta will be made in this container.

    Item 3. 1 x clean container 1-1.25  ltr capacity,  with a wide neck and sealable lid.  A glass jar or a plastic Tupperware container will do.  Your Sour Cream will be made in this container.

    Item 4. Bring a plate to share for lunch.


    What you will need at home after the workshop

    You will need 250 grams of salt at home the day after the workshop.

    You may also need some Chlorine bleach sanitiser (Milton’s Tablets available in the baby aisle in the supermarket are suitable).  More details of these will be given at the workshop.

    Details on purchasing Ingredients and materials for future home cheese making will be available in workshop notes on the day.