• Avocado tree growing in Melbourne and the hills

    This class now joins our 14 fruit classes and will be a full day in 2019 see advance PDC tab for up dated dates

    in 2019 we now run a full day class on Avo growing 10-4pm , if enough people email with interest I might run it again in Oct/Nov 2019

    So After own successful 1.5hr talk at Diggers seeds last month 2018 ( 3 times the people of what the class could hold) we have decided to run a 3 hour class onsite on our farm where we have been growing avo’s since 1998, our oldest tree yielded nearly 400 fruit this season and we have collected 14 varieties here , we will look at these trees and the systems you might need to grow them successfully at your place. we will dispel the large amount of myths about avo growing, why not to grow a pip, a book was written in 1984 on avo growing In Melbourne it covers a few vars but we have been trialing many more here since then.