• Advanced Permaculture Skills Certificate

    New dates have been set for 2016

    Once you have done a PDC  many new Permies find they then need real practical skills to become competent farmers, trainers or designers, this is what this class is all about, developing more skills in the context of permaculture and in a way that fits the permaculture ethics.

    This new course will be run for the first time as a seperate class, currently all our Daytime PDC courses include an extra 75hrs of class time over the Basic PDC developed by Bill Mollison in 1981.

    This 10day course is for those who have already done the basic 72hr PDC somewhere in the world, (this will be the prerequisite as we don’t wish to go over too many basics) it will take all that theory and make some practical sense of it with skills being developed outside on the ground as well as in your head. We will have a focus on Cool, Temperate & Mediterranean climates as that’s relevant to the bottom half of Australia. Many people find after a PDC a whole new world emerges and how you see it is very different to current consumer paradigms, plus I find people often over complicate designs.

    SO the Subjects to cover

    • Water needs of fruiting plants
    • Soils & Hot Compost , a proper understanding of these and how they relate to fruiting plants plus actually do it.
    • Also look at the Physical science side of Biodynamics, dispel many skepticisms ??
    • Heritage Fruit trees, dwarf, espaliers, grafting and simple natural management, selecting the right tree to begin with.
    • The new Permie fully enclosed system, fruit, veg, poultry & animals in one pest free area.
    • Small scale animal management & selection for fruiting systems.
    • See existing 20 year old Permie site, began 1994 same as Tagari and djbarlung
    • Answers to questions or at least another perspective on them.

    We will look more at water and actually using a swale, large or small plus how we have used them onsite and in other locations.

    These skills are aimed at Professional Permies who want to become Paid designers, implementation/ managers, run their own productive property that can pay the bills or teachers- the class will suit anyone.

    I have been a full time permie for thirteen years (2002) with all income from permie related work, while it took about ten years to make it viable for me to quit the well paid full time job, times are changing fast and there are many jobs out there that now list PDC as a requirement.

    This course has been needed since Aussie Permies became more professional after the APC6 conference in Melbourne where we first really addressed this issue of the public Image (that we all need to live peasant lifestyles to be true permies and most public perception was that we were all hippies) the fact is the permies are now finding themselves in a good position to solve issues in all kinds of fields using the principles of permaculture design and in particular the integration rather than segregation of systems and roles.

    This class is also in answer to the practice of many PDC’s now running almost as an Urban PDC only (not really qualifying people for the whole world out there) or even by Bill’s standard not really a Permie as per the big black book.

    Where do you get your coffee & milk for your Latte

    The class is run on ten days not seven Comparable 5 day class with Jeff would be over the $1500. (some other classes charge this per day)

    Bookings are direct to me via email & you can always email me if more questions

    We also highly recommend the 3 day advanced class run by David Holmgren at Melliodora which looks deeper at his 12 permaculture principles – thru David’s own eyes plus reading the landscape one of the most important skills for a designer to develop.

    see more details in the fruit tree classes section on this site