• 2019 core & advanced fruit tree classes can be done single or as Advanced PDC

    3 new classes added so can choose from 15 in the year, these classes all come with full Notes and we will tour the collection of over 1000 fruiting varieties here to assist with learning the skills to manage your own trees using Organic and Biodynamic methods so NO chemical use needed, most management of weeds, pests are done by the system reducing 90% of the workload By Design.

    Classes are suitable for Beginners, seasoned growers and for those who have completed a PDC somewhere in the world this can add real skills to fit with what you have learnt already.

    Any class can be done for $95 each with class times 10-4pm onsiet in Monbulk, we also have special deals so if you pay up front for 4 classes you get the 5th one free, (we let you upgrade after one single class too) you can also upgrade to the certificate level with a second set of 5 classes, once you have completed any 10 from the 13 fruti classes offered you will receive a certificate of Organic Orchard Management, or if you have a PDC this becomes an Advanced PDC level 3.

    email Peter at telopeamtn@bigpond.com for a form to enrol & questions or call/text 0418 665 880

    2019 Core subject – Classes These first 3 are considered to be the core subjects Month 2019
    4 & 10 Heritage Fruit tree class, the basics

    core- base  class

    This class covers the BASICS all about the Species, variety selection, grafting, rootstock selection for your conditions. Grafting techniques for new trees or add more to your existing ones. Then tour of 1000+ varieties here onsite. FREE BOOK Sun 21st April

    Sun 11th Aug

    1 &


    Winter vs Summer pruning

    Core- base class

    Tips & tricks to reduce workload, reduce disease entry and create fruit or rejuvenate old trees. Focus on the advantages of pruning at the correct time to control disease, fruit & tree size, We also look at how to get the right tree first so reducing the workload for the next 50 years of fruiting. Jan

    & Aug




    2       Espaliers

    core- base  class

    Selecting the right trees, what espalier shapes to use for which species, creating and maintaining them. Prune for fruit or for new growth this depends on when you do it, reduce workload by 90%  Feb  Sun Feb 10th


    Elective units these need to follow after doing 2 of the 3 above first
    3 Bio-dynamic compost making & soils for trees Fruit trees need a certain compost, this will supply all nutrients plus aid pest & disease reduction, we will learn about & MAKE a BD compost heap for fruit or for the veggie patch & Talk BD Mar Sun 10th Mar
    5 Growing Avocado trees in Melbourne & Vic successfully NEW 2019 We have grown avo trees in Olinda/Monbulk since the 90’s why do so many get it wrong when we can grow 14 varieties here. Learn the few simple tricks to healthy fruiting avocadoes Sun 28 April
    6 Prepare for the bare root fruit tree season in June Prepare soils design and implement swales, this class is about how to get your trees off to a great start and reduce needs for watering May Sun 26th May
    7 Design your own orchard Design from a back yard, to an orchard & decide what tree goes where and why to help with best growing for that species of fruit

    Design how you would fill your own netted enclosure

    June Monday 7th June
    8 Design your own Food Forest or Edible Food Forest NEW 2019 What is the difference here between these, use tools to build guilds within the food forest to help each tree with effects of wind, sun, pollination and reduce detrimental effects as well as fungal issues Sun 23rd June
    9 Growing, Berries +

    Sub-Tropicals  & Citrus in Cool Climates

    How come we can grow 13 avo, 8 macas, 8 sapotes, guavas, banana & many more in Olinda without a glass house, how to grow Berries & Vines, it’s all about placement and the essentials for Citrus growing. July Sun 21st July
    12 How to propagate Rootstocks NEW 2019 Learn how to propagate rootstocks for at home or commercially for apple, pear, cherry, plum & many more Sun 15th Sept
    13 Critical care of fruiting trees Why is this month the most critical for watering, what to do to prepare for good fruit & bud set this season and the next, the importance of swales. Pest management for fruit trees Oct Sun  13th Oct
    14 Crop protection with nets and Organic control of pests IPM How to design and build your own netted enclosure, these are fox, bat, possum, rabbit & bird proof, even in NSW we have designed one to be Goanna proof.  see why they are also great for self-managed systems reducing the workload enormously Nov Sun 24th Nov
    15 Cider varieties and other fruit What varieties & rootstocks to use and how to maintain these, how to layout the Cidery for an effective operation Dec Sun  Dec