• Edible Food forest @ Telopea Mtn

    Since taking our collection of fruit trees from the 3 that were here in 1994 to more than 1000 varieties in the last 21 years we have used different methods to demonstrate methods to grow them, we now have them as

    Small orchard systems, rows of multiple varieties on dwarf and semi dwarf rootstocks , these now have there own netted enclosures and are managed using 2 kinds of poultry.

    Espalier systems with 470 apples on these oblique cordonsĀ  in alphabetical order once again in a half acre commercial netted enclosure with call ducks and guinea fowl to manage them.

    Collections such as the rest of our 150 plums in a 7 mtr tall 1/4 acre Avery & 110 figs in their own section as well.

    Our 1 acre Normandy style Cider/ Camembert collection with all our 53+ Cider apple varieties.

    Food Forest– I designed our first one and planted it in 1995 based on the PDC teachings of Bill, this 21 year old system needed adjusting for our cool temperate climate to a more open woodland.

    This food forest was canopy planted in 1897 with my semi dwarf fruit tree level now 21 years old and the new extension has a collection of sub-tropicals such as 13 avocado, 8 macadamia, 8 white sapote and many more.

    Now in 2015 after visiting Martin Crawford in UK we have been inspired to bring them together and under-plant the remaining layers, so many more shrub and very dwarf trees layers plus the small shrub layers and herbage layers 2 full days were spent with our interns and a big mulcher removing all the weed shrubs that previously existed for decades, these did protect the soil and build it’s fertility.

    So in 2016 we expect to have all the remaining levels planted and flourishing in our 119 year old system.

    2016 April we planted many more of the subtropical and food plants in the 1.5-3mtr high shrub to small tree under-story. Next layer to plant soon is herbage so from 300mm to 1.2 mtr tall.

    due to the huge leaf drop and the presence of chickens in this system we may not plant much as ground cover and the root crops will be restricted to one 1/4 area where animals are excluded from, we will add more climbing species to the many already planted in this system for over a decade now.

    In 2013 I designed a 2.5 acre food forest for Jamie in Gippsland supplied all the trees, including the tree to large shrub levels, this has been planted now 3 years and is progressing with its lowers layers being increased as they get enough plants to do so.

    Smaller examples that I would call an “edible forest garden” have been planted in community areas such as the one in Ashburton this one is 15m X 3m along a fence line.